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Nice To Meet You!

My name is Kristian Borghesan. I’m an entrepreneur, inbound marketing professional and business development professional passionate about making online and offline connections and building communities.

In my current role as the Head of Growth & Marketing at BrĂ¼ha, I’m responsible for leading all of the company’s marketing efforts, driving outbound sales and building the community of event organizers and Promoters.

Here’s What I Love <3


From ideation to conceptualization and MVPs, I love seeing projects launch, take flight and establish into revenue generating machines.

Inbound Marketing

I'm passionate about all areas of inbound marketing and building online communities from from content and email marketing to social media strategy and selling.

Business Development

Sales are the lifeblood of an any organization. From generating leads and demand, to writing sales copy and measuring performance, selling is a necessity.



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I'm always looking to network and connect with new people doing great work and hustling! Find me on LinkedIn and let's connect!